About aBetterDirection.org:

American politics shouldn’t be a personality contest. And it shouldn’t be a game of gotcha.

This is about the direction of our country.

The policies put in place in Washington help determine whether America remains the land of opportunity and the land of plenty.

Unfortunately, we’ve spent too long on the wrong path. You can see it in our exploding national debt, rising gases prices, stubbornly high unemployment, and—perhaps most concerningly—the growing sense among American citizens that the next generation will have an even tougher road than we have now.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a better direction. We can restore the American promise by returning to the principles that made this country great. It begins with having faith in the American people and ending needless government meddling that strangles innovation, pushes living costs higher, and buries citizen in debt.

Learn more about how we can put our country on a better direction, and how you can help get us there.