What Can I Do?

Get Informed: Learn more about the issues. Don’t just trust what the mainstream media and candidates tell you!

Contribute: Make your own video and submit it to us.

Tell Us: What is your path to a Better Direction?

Talk to Your Friends: Most people don’t get information about policy and politics from the internet or televisions: Trusted friends and family members can be the most important source of information. Tell your friends and family about your concerns about what’s happening here and how you want a better direction for our country. Encourage them to join you in getting involved.

Talk to Your Kids: Each election is an opportunity to teach your children about our democratic process, our country’s unique system of government, and the issues that shape our country and world. Here are some ideas for how to talk to your kids about the election.

Become a Community Leader: Get a group together regularly to talk about a political/policy issue (it will be fun!). Write a letter to the editor. Show up at local government meetings and make your opinions known. Go to rallies. Better yet, organize rallies! A few motivated people can change the world.

Remain Engaged and in Contact with Your Elected Representatives: We need everyone to be engaged and hold elected officials accountable. Let your Representatives know your opinions. After all, they are supposed to work for you!